Residence Permit

Turkish Residence Permit

Renewal of Turkish tourist residence permit

must be applied for within sixty (60) days before the expiration date of your current residence permit.

Updated on 22.11.2019: From the date of 01.01.2020, If the foreigners who have received a short-term residence permit for a period of up to 1 year does not provide a new reason with justified reasons, requests for a residence permit will not be accepted.

Note: If you try to renew earlier than sixty (60) days before your current residence permit expiry date, your application will not be accepted.

System is governed by the Law on Foreigners and International Protection (Law No: 6458, Enacted 11.04.2013). In compliance with the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10.10.2011, No: 2011/2306, starting from 01 February 2012, the total duration of stay of foreigners who visit Turkey as tourists cannot exceed 90 days within 180 days’ period. Foreigners who intend to stay in Turkey longer than mentioned period (90 days in 180 days’ period), are required to apply for residence permit.

In order to apply for a residence permit, it is essential that foreign applicants should have a passport valid for at least 60 days beyond the requested residence permit period. Duly applications will be finalized not more than in a 90 days’ period. Foreigners who obtained a residence permit from Turkish consulates in their home countries should register themselves to the Address Registration System within 20 days after their arrival in Turkey.

Exemptions from Residence Permits

Following foreigners will be exempted from residence permit requirements:

foreigners who own a “certificate of stateless person”
officers of diplomatic and consular missions
those family members of the officers of diplomatic and consular missions (approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is needed)
officers of International Organizations, whose employment status has been determined by international agreements,
foreigners who are being exempted from the residence permit requirements by international agreements in which Turkey takes part
foreigners within the scope of article 28 of the Law no: 5901 on Turkish Citizenship
foreigners who own a “Certificate of International Protection Applicant” or a “Refugee Certificate” granted in accordance with articles 69/7, 76/1 and 83/1 of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection.
Residence permit type

Foreigners who come to Turkey for tourist purposes.
Foreigners who come to Turkey for business relations or opening business
Foreigners who own immovable property in Turkey
Foreigners who come to Turkey for medical treatment except from those whose illness might cause a threat to the public health
Student residence permit
Foreigners who seek transition from Family residence permit to Short-term residence permit
Foreigners who come to Turkey for scientific research
Foreigners who need to stay in Turkey due to requests or decisions of judicial or administrative bodies
Foreigners who come to Turkey to attend Turkish Language Courses
Foreigners who come to Turkey for in-service-training
foreigners who will participate in education, research, internship and courses through public institutions
foreigners who need to stay in turkey due Agreements framework training
Work Permits will be used as Residence Permit
Long Term Residence Permit
Family Residence Permit

Staying outside Turkey for a period longer than six months within one year or more than one year within the last five years will be considered as an interruption in the residence permit period. In the residence permit applications of those foreigners who have interruptions in their residence permit period, previous residence permit periods will not taken into consideration. This rule is also applicable for the applications for the transition to another type of residence permit. In the calculation of uninterrupted residence period, half of the period for student residence permits and the full period for other types of residence permits will be considered.

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