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Turkish Citizenship by Investment:
Invest and rest with pleasure!

Oz Istanbul has introduced the safest and most reliable citizenship by investment program for those who wish to reside in Turkey. They give a warm welcome to foreign investors and make their experience smooth in the best possible way. Now people can get Turkish citizenship without any requirement of residence. Oz Istanbul helps foreigners to figure out their way to Turkey and get the best property in town at a very good cost so that the investment also makes a better profit.

Happy Client Happy We!

Here is good news for all the investors who can now get all the process done within just 2 – 3 months. The expert team of Oz Istanbul ensure the step by step guide to the investors and convey them all crystal clear fact and figures so that the investor feels comfortable and enjoy the quick process sitting in his/her homeland. The team provides handy solutions and get completely involved in end to end matters. Also, the concerned lawyers keep a check on the property to ensure the authentic and beneficial land.

How to Apply for Turkish Citizenship?

Oz Istanbul aims to provide a hassle-free and suave service and stay in touch with the investor throughout the entire process. Step by step assistance is provided to the client in a friendly environment without any language hassle. the professional team specializes in multiple languages to cater to the clients in a good environment. From acquiring Turkish citizenship till the residence, the team stays connected to the client diligently. All the follow-ups regarding the process are also made by the responsible team on time.
Here is a step by step detailed explanation of how the whole process will take place for Turkish Citizenship by investment.

Contact to Oz Istanbul’s Immigration Consultants:

In the first step, you need to contact Oz Istanbul’s immigration consultant who will professionally pursue all the matters forward. Take a proper guideline, tell them your wishes, type of investment, and give all the necessary details to build a strong base into this process.

Make your Investment:

Once you have decided that when, where, and how you want to invest in a property, tell your trustworthy consultant and open a Turkish account to purchase online funds transfer. The consultant then completes the formalities in coordination with the finance department to ensure safe and secure transactions.


Now it is time to prepare your documents for citizenship by investment program. Your very own consultant will provide a complete checklist, and you will be assisted thoroughly for the documentation process. After the compilation of all required documents, a professional consultant will verify the authenticity of provided documents.
Below is the complete list of required documents:



• Valid passport

• 4 passport size photos of each member of your family

• Birth certificates

• Residence permit or valid tourist visa on your passport
• Marriage certificate, birth certificates for children, if applicable

• Turkish ID copy and addresses of applicant’s relatives in Turkey, if applicable

• Application tax payment receipt

• The document, verifying completion of the investment.

To prepare all the above documents, you will be provided with handy help by our experienced team member.

Apply for the Citizenship by Investment Program:

The client can process the application for citizenship with the help of our team members. The consultant will guide the client to follow all legal guidelines and execute the required steps for the application process. To make it convenient for the investor, all processes will be done in a hassle-free distant communication and the client will not need to come to Turkey during this process. The experts will do everything on behalf of the client.

Obtain a Turkish Passport:

After all the above steps are completed, it’s time to get the Turkish passport. Depending on the client’s family members count and the authenticity of documentation, the applicant will get the passport within 3 months period.
Get the privileged citizenship of Turkey in just a short period and become a part of such a beautiful hence traditionally rich country. It is not all! some numerous hidden advantages and benefits will come along with Turkish citizenship.

Beneath are the bonus benefits attached with such privileged citizenship:

• Visa-free travel 110 countries
• Permanent residency
• Before or after citizenship has been granted, the whole process can be obtained remotely
• 110 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Japan, Qatar, and South Korea
• As an established Turkish citizen, the client can further plan to set up a business in the UK or USA with an enhanced opportunity to brighten up the future.
• Fast relocation to the US and UK alongside the family.
• People with a Turkish passport can choose to live in the USA through the USA E-2 Investor Visa as the US E-2 Treaty Program allows citizens from signatory countries including Turkey to reside in the US.
• Likewise, UK, under the Ankara Agreement, allows Turkish citizens to set up business in the UK and move within as soon as in one month.
• Moving to such high demand countries provides the opportunity to establish one’s business. It is indeed a Rise and Shine World Wide Opportunity!
• Turkey allows for dual citizenship
• Valid for lifetime
• Citizenship is transferable to descendants
• If one family member has made investments and secured Turkish citizenship, the dependent family members of the applicant will be granted citizenship without the need of investing separately for them.
• Permanent right of residence
• Permanent right of work and investment opportunity in Turkey will be provided without any limitations
• A high standard of living after the Turkish citizenship
• The person will be facilitated with comfortable yet affordable high-quality lifestyle

Worried about where to invest? Don’t worry! Oz Istanbul is the name of solutions to your problems. See below the safe investment options:

An appropriate and easiest way to get Turkish citizenship is to invest in a profitable property. with the help of our experts, find the most cost-effective plan and find the best property for investment. The client can buy any property in the country for a minimum value of $250,000. Furthermore, that property then can be used for income purposes through leasing it or rent out. After 3 years of having a Turkish passport, the client can re-sell their property. More alternative investment options may include a business set-up or cash deposit.

Invest in a Property:

The investor can purchase one or multiple real estates worth a minimum of $250,000.
The property can be residential or commercial both ways are acceptable.
The client can rent out that property for rental income and can sell it after 3 years of citizenship. There is no specific limit for investors to invest in one or multiple properties.

Cash Investment:

In case a client does not want to invest in any property, there is an option for him to invest the minimum of $500,000 as a fixed-asset investment in the Turkish bank for a minimum of 3 years confirmed by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
Also, an investor can get the Government bonds with the intention to receive interest as income.
Note: All types of investments must be kept for three consecutive years.

Setup a business:

The client can easily plan to set up a company for any business under the assistance of our experienced consultant. In this type of investment, the client will provide jobs to at least 50 Turkish employees approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.
Below is a detailed guide for buying a property for Turkish citizenship:
• Firstly, search and make a list of the properties that you wish to buy. Keep in mind the purpose of the property whether it is for a holiday time, a long-term living, just for investment, or for a business setup. Trace the regions where you want to buy the property and the features of the property.
• Talk to our consultant and discuss with him the best possible options so that he can understand and provide options accordingly. The consultant will send you some options regarding your choice.
• To view the property, you can either come to Turkey and visit 3 to 4 properties or stay in touch with the team expert. the expert will answer all your questions and will follow your instructions to search for the right property.
• Once you have chosen the property, it is now time to make an investment and get through the agreement. To match your desired cost for the property, the expert will negotiate with the owner on your behalf.
• After the property has been chosen, the consultant will make the terms and payment plan clear with both clients, the seller, and the buyer.
• All mandatory details will be shared before signing the contract.
• Our team will ensure that the investor gets the exact property that has been shown under the agreed terms and conditions.
• The official sales agreement will be prepared in your relevant language.
• The buyer will make a down payment within the prescribed period by the consultant after signing the agreement.
• To finalize the purchasing process, you will need to have a Turkish Tax Number with the help of your consultant.
• A bank account will be opened for this purpose to simplify the transaction process. All these procedures can be done by our experienced team if you do not want to visit Turkey and give power of attorney to them to get everything done remotely.
• After completion of the whole process, now it is time to sign the Title Deed. It can be signed by you or by our team if you give them power of attorney to get the title deed on your behalf.
Here you go! time to get into your dream future….
All other minute details will be provided to you by our team during and after the Turkish citizenship by investment process. Also, you can get in touch or visit Turkey to solve any query according to your convenience.

Not to Worry About Things:

Oz Istanbul has made the whole process so easy that the client can complete all the formalities remotely. There is nothing to worry about regarding any security matters as all financial matters are dealt with under strict and secured compliance in a professional way. The end to end process is completed with full responsibility in a friendly environment. The experience consultants deal in the client’s language and keep them updated about all events. Oz Istanbul has provided fully trusted and truthful services to numerous happy clients.


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