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Education Services

English Language Classes:

Learning Different languages is always an edge for a person. It opens ways for one to deal with people from around the world.

Distant Learning:

Oz Istanbul provides the opportunity for students to get online English and Turkish language classes. We ensure the use of modern technology and methods to enrich student’s experience.


Achievement Plans:

Since Turkey is becoming the point of attraction for many business men, Learning Turkish language will enable you to get in a native dealing experience in any business. English language being the international language holds the distinctiveness. No matter where you are and how, English will never let you down. It helps to communicate to almost everyone.


Oz Istanbul provides the facility to foreigners to get skilled in Turkish language. Whether they want to prosper and flourish as an individual or want to develop a business. Learning the language is better in any case.

Approved by the Turkish government, Oz Istanbul’s educational services are distinctive and determine to educate people with high standards. We also ensure the certifications for students at the end of the courses.

Oz Istanbul struggles hard to make your visit and stay memorable. Our educational services enable a person to acquire their homeland feel. With learning the language, you get more chances to explore and deal with people of different companies as well. The purpose behind learning the language can be anything. It is because you are planning to reside in Turkey, you are planning to become partners with a Turkish company, or you wish to be comfortable in talks with Turkish people.

These Language learning skills will make you an expert and you will no more feel like a stranger in a different country. The time you will get admission in the course, you will start learning the fundamentals of the language and get proficient in no time.

Following are the options that you can choose for the course:

· Standard Turkish Language courses

· Intensive Turkish Language Courses

· Private Turkish Lessons

To learn English language, one can take admission in The General English course study. You will rapidly improve your learning, speaking and writing skills. In the first stage, the candidate will appear in the placement test and get placed according to their CEFR level. Classes are conducted every Monday based on continuous registration.

The general time of the course is around twelve weeks. We do not restrict students to stay and complete the courses time. We provide continuous help to students and keep a check on their progress.

Following are the points that are focused on The General English course:

· Flourish the confidence to read, write, listen and speak.

· The skill to deal and communicate in an effective way around the world.

· To give the proficient ability to perceive things and implement the modern English language concepts in a more accurate method.

· Enhance your knowledge about grammar and English words.

· It also helps you to understand the language in forthcoming relative projects.

Why should I get enrolled in English Language Course?

Oz Istanbul has come up with developed and modern methods to teach one English language quickly. We have done the most effective researches and investments to enhance the quality of our services. We aim to provide a lifetime experience to brilliant students. It’s a dream come true experience for you!

Morning Classes Schedule:

· 1st class from 8:30 am to 10:30 am

· 2nd class from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Afternoon Classes Schedule:

· 1st class from 1:00pm to 3:00pm

· 2nd class from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

· 3rd class from 6:00pm to 8:00pm

What else you can take benefit from?

· Students experience some extra activities which may include the Turkish class, interaction with students in the class and CV support.

· Students can enjoy free Wi-Fi and they can also use computers.

· Custom-made support

To know more about Language courses, Oz Istanbul’s educational or any other services, you can get connected with our expert team through our contact form or phone number:

+09 505 076 0777.

We shall feel glad to assist you and make our customer satisfied with our extraordinary services.


Don’t worry! we are offering these courses during your summer breaks as well!

Do not let your summer holidays go wasted. Get the advantage and enroll yourself in these summer courses. This is the best time to learn extra language and build up a valuable profile. It will help the person to fill the gap between future and present dealings. One can prosper professionally and get competent in the relevant field.

Students can get benefit from a variety of courses which include; SAT, YOS, TOMER, IELTS, COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY and many others.

Make your future bright and workable during these summers!