Oz Istanbul Group Is A Diversified Conglomerate Headquartered Located In One Of The Most Prominent And Promising Cities In The World, Istanbul Turkey.  It Has Established Its Footprints In The Real Estate Development, Construction, Hospitality & Higher Education, Investment Management, Agriculture Farming, Information Technology And Joint Ventures.

Owing The Group’s Business Diversity, Strength In The Region, A Team Of Dedicated Professionals With Rich Industry Experience, Oz Istanbul Has Enjoyed A Rapid Growth In The Past Decade In Various Sectors.

Oz Istanbul Is One Of The Largest And Leading Business Group Worldwide Our Team Is Comprising Of Experts In Different Sectors Provides Comprehensive Consulting Services And Solution To The Customers Worldwide. WE Offers Our Clients Customizes And Personalized Solutions.

Additionally, Oz Istanbul Is Committed To Provide Higher Service Standard In Order To Outsource Investment Management For Its Clients.

We Know The Local Markets And Best Marketing Strategies To Guarantee You, Great Returns For Your Investment. We Provide Best Investment Solutions Like Fixed Income Returns, Exclusive Investment Opportunities And Secured Investment.

You May Fully Relay On Oz Istanbul’s Financial Experts For Information, Valuable Insights And Best Investment Strategies Which Are Specially Tailored For Its Customers To Achieve The Goal Set By Them.

ÖZ İSTANBUL Group Is Always In Continuous Improvement Process And Aims At Better Service Mechanism. Therefore, Instead Of Being Static, Oz Istanbul Continues Working Within A Dynamic Frame And It Works With The Responsibility Of Being A Pioneer By Determining The Modern Standards Of The Sector. Oz Istanbul Group Is Well Derived And Gained Pretty Well Between The Domestic And Foreign Investors. At The Same Time In The Various Fields Like Residence Permits And Citizenship Programs. In Order To Attain More Success, Oz Istanbul Group Sustain Its Trust. Customer- Oriented Approach Strategies Is The Main Focus While Framing The Group Policy.

Our Mission:

We focus on conveying a better assistance experience to our customers on every single commitment. Considering that responsibility, we have set up some fundamental beliefs that characterize our corporate culture and administration to our customers.

Global Diversity:

We work cooperatively and consistently across a worldwide impression to convey outstanding customer fulfillment.

Quality Service:

We consider ourselves and each other responsible for our customers’ triumphs, imparting certainty and trust by taking possession, conveying on responsibilities, and exceptional conventions. Oz İstanbul Group is committed to deliver quality services for our respected clients from around the globe with more than 18 branches in Turkey, Pakistan & Dubai. We are providing our expert services work from various sectors including real estate, Turkish citizenship, construction, investment, education, insurance, legal translation, residence permits & immigration, information technology, travel & tourism, import & export.

We provide strategic and personalized guidance to understand the needs of our customers by providing the best quality service expected from a reliable Firm. line with your investment objectives.

Know Our Clients:

We tune in to our customers, comprehend their necessities and assumptions, and work intimately with them to build up the best arrangement dependent on their business objectives and mission.

We are educated specialists associated with our customers, working in a dynamic, quick-moving, and complex worldwide climate.


Our workers and their training is the formation of our success, and the primary structure square of our protected and creative way to deal with innovation. All staff goes through compulsory continuous security mindfulness and significant training and testing.


We put energy into creating high-class and resourceful compliance with our plans. We’re the fastest developing experts of corporate migration in the world. Striving for excellence, we aim to provide the safest and trustworthy services.

Work as a Team:

We regard, trust, and support each other, perceiving that we give the best answers for customers since we depend on one another.


We will consistently make progress toward the most elevated level of trustworthiness in our dealings with our clients, our kindred workers, and the residents of Turkey. We examine each case before keeping in view the lawfulness and make decisions based on the law and realities. We are always aware of the significant trust that clients have set on us to regulate the country’s migration framework decently, truly, and effectively.


We show our concern for our activities with clients. We make sure that everybody we inspire will be treated with respect and civility paying good attention to their case. Through our accomplishments, OZ ISTANBUL GROUP will be recognized to act as an illustration of esteem, admiration, and graciousness.


As we address the difficulties to come, we endeavor to locate the best way to achieve our objectives. We utilize advancement, mastermind, imagination, and a sound administration standard to take an attempt at best outcomes. We aim to move towards each challenge with the stability of drive and intelligence in our ambition to gratify our vision.


In this time of expanded worldwide dangers and security challenges, we stay aware of our commitment to give movement administrations in a way that strengthens and improves our country’s security. We practice cautiousness as strive out for our main goal. We cautiously control each part of our work to maintain the security and trustworthiness of the migration framework so new immigrants and the common public.

We at Turkish citizenship, immigration, and other services adjust our authoritative structure to accomplish the best effectiveness and achieve our main goals.

We are completely dedicated to securing the information you with all trust share with us.

We comply with the most important necessities in data security as a component of an extensive program to screen and protect all delicate informatio


ÖZ İSTANBUL, Succeeded In Maintaining Leading Position Amongst Rest Of The Companies In Turkey By Delivering An Exceptional Performance And Committing To The Quality Service. Our Determination Against All Challenges Is A Testimonial For The Existence Of All Success Factors That Guaranteed Our Sound Expansion And Development Since Our Inception And Until Today. So, We Consider Our Marketing And Management Team To Be One Of The Main Factors Of Our Success In Addition To The Great Role Of Our Team Strategies. Our Values And Ethics Have Always Been The Main Determinant Of Any Action We Take Which Also Resulted In Gaining Trust From All Our Client And Stake Holders. We Provide Services, Solutions For Our Potentials Investors Who Are Looking For Investment Opportunities In International Markets To Help Them Diversify Their Risk And Investment Portfolios. Citizenship By Investment Programs Provide Families With The Privilege Of Acquiring An Alternative Citizenship Which In Return Gives Them Right To Travel Freely To The Various Destinations And To Settle In Turkey. The Success Of Oz Istanbul Group Lies Deeply In Our Pillars Of Customers Satisfaction Practices. Trust Is The Main Ingredient.

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